Candy Arrangements for All Occasions

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Large Decorated Valentine Cookies

Price: 60.00

Large Sweet Treats Valentine

Price: 47.00

Large Purple Parfait Valentine

Price: 50.00

Small Ballerina Slipper Valentine

Price: 30.00

Small Ladybug Teapot Valentine

Price: 35.00

Medium Purple Parfait Valentine

Price: 40.00

Small Chevron Mug Valentine

Price: 25.00

Large Soda Snack Box Valentine

Price: 50.00

Medium Heartbox Valentine Cookies

Price: 40.00

Small Purple Parfait Valentine

Price: 30.00

Medium Decorated Valentine Cookies

Price: 50.00

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Note: Milk chocolate items will not be shipped when extremes of heat or cold are possible. You will be contacted for approval before temperature-stable candies are substituted.


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