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Product Quantity Price Amount
Omnipack PRO 1000 Liquid Paste Filling Machine Delete5,675.00 5,675.00
160mmx300m Sealing Film Delete59.65 59.65
Omnipack Pro 400B Vacuum Sealing Machine Delete4,350.00 4,350.00
Omnipack PRO B 3000 Vacuum Sealing Machine Delete2,950.00 2,950.00
Omnipack PRO 2922MAP MAP Tray Sealing Machine Delete17,985.00 17,985.00
Omnipack PRO DF5120 Dough Sheeter Delete5,550.00 5,550.00
Omnipack PRO 4935MAP MAP Tray Sealing Machine Delete39,500.00 39,500.00
190mmx300m Sealing Film Delete70.25 70.25
Omnipack Pro 450 Vacuum Sealing Machine Delete3,195.00 3,195.00
Omnipack PRO 250 Liquid Paste Filling Machine Delete4,595.00 4,595.00
Omnipack PRO A 4800 DC Vacuum Sealing Machine Delete6,450.00 6,450.00
Omnipack PRO A C11000 Vacuum Sealing Machine Delete29,750.00 29,750.00
190mmx300m Sealing Film Delete73.45 73.45
Omnipack PRO 5000 Liquid Paste Filling Machine Delete9,265.00 9,265.00
Omnipack PRO 125 Liquid Paste Filling Machine Delete4,205.00 4,205.00
Omnipack Pro 350A Vacuum Sealing Machine Delete2,650.00 2,650.00
Omnipack PRO B 4000L Vacuum Sealing Machine Delete4,875.00 4,875.00
Omnipack PRO 3122 Tray Sealing Machine Delete6,450.00 6,450.00
Omnipack PRO A 4800 DDC Vacuum Sealing Machine Delete6,750.00 6,750.00
Omnipack PRO DT5117 Dough Sheeter Delete4,550.00 4,550.00
Omnipack Pro 600 Vacuum Sealing Machine Delete5,950.00 5,950.00
Omnipack PRO 4624MAP MAP Tray Sealing Machine Delete28,500.00 28,500.00

All prices are in Australian Dollars TOTAL 193,398.35

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