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Product Quantity Price Amount
OmniCAM Milling Machine P2 Delete35,250.00 35,250.00
OmniCAM Milling Machine P3 Delete38,850.00 38,850.00
OmniCAM Milling Machine P1 Delete29,950.00 29,950.00
Omnisign Plus Impact Metal Marking Machine Without Rotary Delete7,950.00 7,950.00
HiTec 1 Card Printer (Single Sided) Delete2,495.00 2,495.00
OmniCAM PRO ZR6 CNC Router Delete16,640.00 16,640.00
OmniCAM PRO ZT9 CNC Router Delete34,980.00 34,980.00
OmniCAM PRO ZT5 CNC Router Delete16,980.00 16,980.00
OmniCAM PRO ZX8 CNC Router Delete28,450.00 28,450.00
OmniCAM PRO ZT7 CNC Router Delete23,770.00 23,770.00
OmniCAM PRO ZY5 CNC Router Delete44,580.00 44,580.00
OmniCAM PRO ZT4 CNC Router Delete13,980.00 13,980.00
OmniCAM PRO ZT8 CNC Router Delete24,980.00 24,980.00
OmniCAM PRO ZY6 CNC Router Delete47,650.00 47,650.00
OmniCAM PRO ZX5 CNC Router Delete19,950.00 19,950.00
OmniCAM PRO ZX6 CNC Router Delete24,950.00 24,950.00
Omnisign Plus PRO 2500 Flatbed Printer Delete13,950.00 13,950.00
Omnisign Plus PRO 6000 Large-Format Flatbed Printer Delete39,850.00 39,850.00
Omnisign Plus PRO 3100 Flatbed Printer Delete13,590.00 13,590.00
Omnisign Plus PRO 3000 Flatbed Printer Delete16,450.00 16,450.00
Omnisign Plus Impact Metal Marking Machine With Rotary Delete8,950.00 8,950.00
HiTec 2 Card Printer (Double Sided) Delete3,250.00 3,250.00
OmniCAM CNC Router 2D PLUS Delete9,950.00 9,950.00
OmniCAM PRO ZR5 CNC Router Delete14,260.00 14,260.00
OmniCAM PRO ZR3 CNC Router Delete11,990.00 11,990.00
OmniCAM PRO ZT6 CNC Router Delete19,020.00 19,020.00
OmniCAM PRO ZR4 CNC Router Delete13,250.00 13,250.00
Omnisign Plus PRO 3000 3 100W Laser Machine Delete9,750.00 9,750.00
Omnisign Plus PRO 3000s 3 160W Laser Machine Delete14,250.00 14,250.00
Omnisign Plus PRO 2000 3 90W Laser Machine Delete7,950.00 7,950.00
Omnisign Plus PRO 3000 3 160W Laser Machine Delete12,750.00 12,750.00
Omnisign Plus PRO 2000 3 40W Laser Machine Delete6,950.00 6,950.00
Omnisign Plus PRO 3000s 3 135W Laser Machine Delete12,350.00 12,350.00

All prices in Australian Dollars Subtotal 639,915.00
Tax GST 63,991.50

TOTAL 703,906.50

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