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X7168 Slanted Bowl 18cm

Price: 5.00

30340 Canvas Presentation Bag (Round)

Price: 5.43

AFC Xtras X4548 Rimmed Square Plate 25.5cm

Price: 5.76

CB2005 Olive Wood Rustic Bowl

Price: 18.03

CB0003 Serving Basket

Price: 6.99

CB0050 Ceramic Burger Box

Price: 13.93

AFC Xtras X4507 Rectangular Serving Bowl 22.5x16x10cm

Price: 12.77

AFC Xtras X4546 Rimmed Square Plate 18cm

Price: 2.96

CB0019 Stainless Steel Mini Wok

Price: 6.99

AFC Xtras X4516 Deep Squared Serving Bowl 17x7.5cm

Price: 5.04

CB0022 Stainless Steel Cassrole With Lid

Price: 15.93

AFC Xtras X6661 Wide Rimmed Pasta Plate 28.5cm

Price: 8.62

CB1001 Olive Wood Board With Groove

Price: 17.43

CB0010 Daily Catch Greaseproof Paper

Price: 29.99

CB0006 Stainless Steel Pan

Price: 6.99

AFC Xtras X4668 Rectangular Sushi Board 29x21cm

Price: 8.67

CB2009 Olive Wood Pizza Board Round

Price: 24.93

CB0013 Stainless Steel Small Pan

Price: 4.99

CB1002 Olive Wood Board With Groove

Price: 19.93

CB0020 Wire Chip Cone

Price: 4.93

30370 Canvas Presentation Bag (Oval)

Price: 6.33

AFC Xtras X4549 Rimmed Square Plate 29cm

Price: 9.46

CB0025 Sauce Clip

Price: 0.99

CB2012 Olive Wood Olive Dish

Price: 7.93

CB2003 Olive Wood Presentation Platter

Price: 17.63

X7167 Slanted Bowl 21cm

Price: 8.58

AFC Xtras X6282 Egg Shaped Bowl 12.5cm

Price: 3.66

CB2006 Olive Wood Rustic Bowl

Price: 9.63

AFC Xtras X4964 Creamer Jug 23cl

Price: 2.72

CB0004 Stainless Steel Lid For CB0006

Price: 1.50

AFC Xtras X4557 Bamboo Leaf Bowl 23.5cm

Price: 3.59

CB2010 Olive Wood Rectangular Board

Price: 11.53

CB4009 Acacia Wooden Board 36 x 25cm

Price: 10.99

AFC Xtras X4995 Salt, Pepper & Toothpick Set 12x9x5cm

Price: 4.72

AFC Xtras X4667 Rectangular Sushi Board 32x23cm

Price: 10.73

AFC Xtras X6679 Deep Scalloped Serving Bowl 20.5cm

Price: 7.20

X6284 Egg Shaped Bowl

Price: 10.21

30350 Canvas Presentation Bag (Round)

Price: 5.93

SVB1210 Square Basket 6 Pack

Price: 30.00

X4506 Rectangular Serving Bowl

Price: 6.04

AFC Xtras X4518 Deep Squared Serving Bowl 23x9cm

Price: 13.61

CB2008 Olive Wood Conical Bowl

Price: 2.53

CB0002 Fish Basket

Price: 10.99

CB0012 Plain Greaseproof Paper 25.5 x 20.25cm

Price: 8.99

CB0001 Chip Basket

Price: 5.99

CB0021 Stainless Steel Cassrole With Lid

Price: 13.93

EC1003 Narrow Rim Plate 26cm/10" 6 Pack

Price: 7.26

EC0019 Square Plate 27.5x27.5cm/10.75x10.75" 4 Pack

Price: 12.24

EC1022 Conic Bowl 17x6cm/6.5x2.5" 6 Pack

Price: 6.84

EC1004 Narrow Rim Plate 23cm/9" 6 Pack

Price: 5.16

EC0003 Winged Plate 25.5cm/10" 6 Pack

Price: 7.26

EC0001 Winged Plate 31cm/12.25" 4 Pack

Price: 9.08

EC0022 Square Bowl 12x12cm/4.75x4.75" 6 Pack

Price: 8.52

EC0011 Bowl Shape Cup 28cl/10oz 6 Pack

Price: 5.94

EC1030 Shallow Bowl 30cm/12" 4 Pack

Price: 14.12

EC0020 Square Plate 20.5x20.5cm/8x8" 6 Pack

Price: 12.06

EC0032 Milk Jug 150ml/5oz 6 Pack

Price: 6.42

EC1009 Bowl Shaped Cup 44cl/16oz 6 Pack

Price: 8.52

EC1023 Shallow Bowl 23cm/9" 4 Pack

Price: 6.56

EC1010 Conical Mug 35cl/12oz 6 Pack

Price: 6.36

EC0024 Pasta Plate 27cm/10.625" 6 Pack

Price: 10.86

EC0005 Winged Plate21cm/8.25" 6 Pack

Price: 4.14

EC0021 Rectangular Plate 29x17.5cm/11.5x6.75" 4 Pack

Price: 11.44

EC0030 Saucer 12cm/4.75" 6 Pack

Price: 3.00

EC1015 Rectangular Platter 4 Pack

Price: 12.28

EC0013 Stacking Cup 20cl/7oz 6 Pack

Price: 3.48

EC0016 Soup Plate 23cm/9" 6 Pack

Price: 7.26

EC0028 Bowl Shape Cup 22cl/8oz 6 Pack

Price: 4.38

EC0031 Teapot 40cl/14oz 4 Pack

Price: 8.84

EC0015 Milk Jug 25cl/9oz 6 Pack

Price: 7.74

EC1008 Bowl Shape Cup 35cl/12oz 6 Pack

Price: 7.44

EC0023 Sugar Bowl 20cl/7oz 6 Pack

Price: 3.48

EC1006 Narrow Rim Plate 16.5cm/6.5" 6 Pack

Price: 3.60

EC0017S Salt 7cm/3" 6 Pack

Price: 3.60

EC1005 Narrow Rim Plate 21cm/8.25" 6 Pack

Price: 4.14

EC0006 Winged Plate 16cm/6.25" 6 Pack

Price: 3.60

EC0027 Conical Mug 22cl/8oz 6 Pack

Price: 3.54

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