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M11605 Vintage Table Caddy Yellow 27x17cm/10.66x6.66" Each

Price: 18.00

M11503 Chilled Display Unit

Price: 169.29

M11600 Vintage Table Caddy White17x17cm/6.66x6.66" Each

Price: 15.00

M36015 S/S Ice Bucket with Tongs

Price: 21.34

M00662 S/S Spoon Black Polyprop Handle

Price: 6.27

M10750 Chilled Milk Dispenser

Price: 455.40

M88823 Zester

Price: 2.97

SIENA SCL Sauce/Gravy Ladle

Price: 7.80

M09204 2 Tier Chilled Display Set

Price: 74.80

SIENA SVS Serving Spoon

Price: 11.85

M11667 S/S Coffee Dispenser

Price: 257.40

M83409 Melamine Square Bowl 19cm

Price: 18.48

SPM0002 Rubberwood Salt Mill 15.5cm/6" Each

Price: 8.03

SIENA SSF Salad Serving Fork

Price: 11.85

M00988 Natural Slate Tray 32x12cm/12.75x4.75" Each

Price: 4.29

SIENA CVK Carving Knife

Price: 13.80

M10776 Juice Jug

Price: 14.63

M71440 3 Tier S/S Serving Trolley

Price: 184.80

M00626 Black Enamelled Mussel Pot with Lid 20x13cm

Price: 10.78

SIENA SST Salad Serving Tong

Price: 12.60

M40222 Polpropylene Rattan Basket 32.5x26.5cm (Natural)

Price: 9.68

M00074 4 Acrylic Table Stands 3x3x3cm/1.25x1.25x1.25" Each

Price: 6.60

M00998 Natural Slate Round Tray 33cm/13"

Price: 6.00

SPM0006 Acrylic Salt/Pepper Mill Ceramic Grinder 15.5cm/6" 6 Pack

Price: 42.84

M06510 Stackable Plastic Cover

Price: 4.62

M11604 Vintage Table Caddy Blue 27x17cm/10.66x6.66" Each

Price: 18.00

M00625 Black Enamelled Mussel Pot with Lid 18x12cm

Price: 10.12

M00969 Natural Slate Round Tray 28cm/11" Each

Price: 5.25

M40192 Round Poly Rattan Bread Basket

Price: 4.74

M00688 S/S Polished Multi Purpose Tong

Price: 13.42

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M71400 Chrome Plated Call Bell

Price: 4.18  

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