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115-09 Expo Drills 5.99 5.99
A02704 Airfix Russian Infantry Following the invasion of the Soviet Union in the summer of 1941, the Russian Infantryman fought ferociously to defend ‘Mother Russia’ by using tactics quickly learnt in the field of battle. Once supported by better equipment and numbers of tanks they were ruthless and efficient in driving the German forces back across the previously conquered territories, eventually capturing Berlin in 1945 5.99 5.99
A02705 Airfix British Commandos - The British Commandos were first formed by the British Army in June 1940 during World War II as a well-armed but non-regimental raider force employing unconventional and irregular tactics to assault, disrupt and reconnoitre the enemy in mainland Europe and Scandinavia 5.99 5.99
MM Humbrol Modeller's Mat 10.99 10.99
AB610 Expo Drills 17.99 17.99
KD06 Kestrel 2 Shop Units with glazing - N GAUGE - unmade kit 6.75 6.75
72121 ICM Pfalz E-IV WWI German WWI Fighter 4.99 4.99
A05101 Airfix BAe Sea Harrier FRS.1 15.50 15.50
DeLux GB Scenics This is a Premier Version of our highly successful Static Grass Applicator with enclosed sieve. Made by a local enthusiast. Over 1,6500 or the standard version sold worldwide  Please note due to the nature of this item, it is intended for use by ADULTS ONLY as a small electric shock will be given if the crocodile clip and the metal tea strainer are handled, even straight after use. Note this is a homemade item and reflects the competitive price.  Please only buy taking all the above into consideration. Instructions included. Finally got round to doing a video relating to our highly successful Static Grass Applicator - so here is the link for you to see it on YouTube 22.50 22.50
A01711 Airfix Africa Corps - Rommel's troops fought the 8th Army in the desert and the battles can be re-enacted with this superb 48 piece group, which includes anti-tank guns and a senior staff officer. Product Specification Number of Parts 48 5.10 5.10
735-15 Expo Drills 18.00 18.00
KD29 Kestrel Modern Station - N GAUGE 7.95 7.95
A50030 Airfix Supermarine Spitfire MkVa with 6 paints, 2 brushes and poly cement 25.00 25.00
04201-3 Airfix HMS Victorious - in original box and kit in plastic bag 15.99 15.99
Police Box N GB Scenics Police Box with flashing light - 12v DC - N Gauge 3.50 3.50
725-06 Expo Drills 14.00 14.00
72191 ICM Heinkel HE 51B-1 5.50 5.50
705-10 Expo Drills 4.50 4.50
47201 Corgi Corgi Classics Avro Yorks 'Skyways' - Berlin Airlift - USED ITEM in excellent condition and in original box in 1:144 scale. 14.90 14.90
A50021 Airfix Trafalgar Class Submarine Gift Set 16.99 16.99
Clear Fix Humbrol Clear Fix - 28ml - Usage A solvent-based polymer solution for use as an adhesive on clear plastic parts without the risk of the 'frosting' effect sometimes seen using traditional glues and for making small windows or translucent areas of 3mm or less Substrate Common plastics used to manufacture model kits including polystyrene and ABS Application A cocktail stick is usually the most practical means of application. Run a small drop of Clearfix around the edge of the window then draw across the opening to produce a thin membrane Drying Time 24 hours How to clean Excess product should be wiped away using a damp cloth. Product is permanent once dry. 3.50 3.50
725-10 Expo Drills 6.00 6.00
NFB GB Scenics Flickering Brazier - 12v - N Gauge 4.99 4.99

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Please note - postage and packing will be added to your order at cost

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